Core values

Core values

The Creative Consortium exists to support artists and creative people who share its values.

Working as a team

The Creative Consortium seeks to achieve an environment where artistic and administrative professionals work together as equals to create a strong, effective and enjoyable team.

Working for quality

The Creative Consortium’s style of work is shaped by thoughtfulness, care and precision – from the first contact with a new client to the final product. The key values of clear, regular communication and transparency underlie all of our work.

Working for efficiency

The Creative Consortium ensures that everybody is paid for the work that they do while providing a cost-effective solution to a project budget. As each element of a project is carried out by the person with the most expertise in that field, we save both time and money.

Working for wellbeing

Internally, we operate on a foundation of trust, goodwill and shared knowledge between Consortium members. Our work environment supports our passions, providing helpful opportunities for training, self-development and an improved work / life balance.

Download The Creative Consortium’s Wellbeing Charter