What we offer

What we offer

The Creative Consortium combines a wealth of experience to offer a range of skills that can be applied and tailored in a bespoke way to your project and/or organisation, including:

General Management

planning, systems, budgeting, finance, scheduling, contracting, statutory requirements

Creative Planning & Development

planning programmes, identifying and booking artists, pitching to promoters, scheduling tours, meeting with key industry contacts, networking, raising profile within the industry, growing activity, devising budgets

Business Planning

working directly with artists to develop a business formula and structure for activity, making an artistic vision a practical reality, writing 3-5 year business plans


trusts and foundations, statutory funding applications (eg Creative Scotland, Big Lottery, Local Authority funding)


creation and implementation of marketing strategies, copywriting, proofing and editing, design and print management, website creation, social media campaigns, web-based marketing

Research & Evaluation

inward organisational and participant evaluation, outward market research and development


project management for one-off concerts, tours, productions, community and youth projects

Event Management

back-of-house technical co-ordination, front-of-house co-ordination, concert and event management

Festival Management

including every aspect of the lists above

Artistic Support

practical advice for artists, eg how to set up your own systems for working more effectively

Administrative Support For Arts Organisations

eg data analysis, audition administration and co-ordination

Our Affiliations

Workers in The Creative Consortium team are members of The Federation of Small Businesses, New Music Scotland and the Social Research Association. On behalf of all our clients we attend:

  • Meetings, events and information sessions hosted by Creative Scotland
  • National agency conferences, eg: New Music Scotland, Enterprise Music Scotland
  • Clinics and roadshows delivered by funding bodies
  • Networking sessions organised by a range of organisations including Momentum, FST and Serious Ltd
  • Fundraising courses and lectures, often held at charity sector events such as The Gathering

We also attend and/or work with UK festivals and showcases, networking with promoters, artists and agencies. In recent years we had a presence at:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Festival, Music for Youth Festival, Cumnock Tryst Festival, Glasgow Festival, Made in Scotland Showcase, The Southbank Chorus Festival, The Southbank Festival of Love, East Neuk Festival, The West End Festival, The Cottier Chamber Project, GRIT Fest, sound: Scotland’s new music festival, Distil Showcase, Celtic Connections.